SEGGER Weather Station

This is the SEGGER Weather Station, an IoT solution to connect temperature sensors all over the world.
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IoT Temperature Nodes

Node Location Indoor Outdoor Pressure
FFE80000CE5D3605 Germany, NW, Monheim am Rhein, SEGGER HQ 26.5°C 22.5°C 1006 hPa

Node FFE80000CE5D3605: Germany, NW, Monheim am Rhein, SEGGER HQ

The IoT Weather Station demonstrates the integration of SEGGER's middleware, such as embOS, emNet, emSSL, and the IoT Toolkit with IoT cloud services, such as AWS.
The IoT Temperature Node is a SEGGER emPower Board, featuring a Kinetis K60 Cortex-M4 microcontroller, equipped with temperature and pressure sensors, and a WiFi module. It is powered by SEGGER software only.
The IoT Temperature Node securely connects to Amazon's AWS IoT Core MQTT Broker to publish its sensor data. On AWS the data is analyzed and made available for this website.